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All Types of Electronics, Gears, Goodies and Things you didn’t even know you needed! 

Replacement Phones

New Cellular Phones
Used Cellular Phones
Expert Phone Repair
*We Purchase Phones


Mobile Accessories

Cell Phone Screen Protectors
Cell Covers & Cases
Inverters & Chargers
Power Adapters
GPS Navigation
Sirius XM



Notebooks & Laptops
Wifi Routers & Adapters
Speakers & Headphones
Printers & Monitors
Keyboard & Mice
Networking Gear
Apple Adapters
Data Storage



TV & Home Theater
Headphones & Speakers
TV & Speaker Mounts
VCR & DVD Players
Universal Remotes
Sound Systems
Wifi Streaming



Radios & Comms
Headphones & Speakers
Emergency Radios
Weather Stations
Metal Detectors
Drones & RC


Hobby & DIY

Electronic Parts
Electronic Components
Electronic Tools
Electronic Kits
Wires, Diodes, Switches, Transitors & More



General & Specialty Batteries
Surge Protectors & Power Strips
Battery Chargers & Testers
Backup Power Supplies
Power Banks


Home & Office

Home & Office Phones
Smart Home & Security
Firestick Streaming
Roku Streaming



We carry an incredible selection of TVs for every need. From smaller sets to massive sized units that are always top of the line, with amazing features and picture quality!

We carry replacement remotes as well as the popular streaming devices.

Electronic Components & Tools

All your electronic needs can be found here including wire, diodes, electrodes, battery holders, Breadboards, IC Sockets, Transistors, ICS, Switches, LEDS, Optoelectronics, Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes & Rectifiers, Knobs, Project enclosures.

Don’t forget all the proper tool including Soldering Irons, Solder Flux, Chemicals & Cleaners, Hand Tools, Meters, TEst Equipment, Hook-up Wire, Flashlights.

Remote Control Cars, Drones, Scanners,

Metal Detectors

Fun evenings and weekends by yourself or with your kids are a quick stop away. We carry a great selection of all those “toys” that make the kid in you go “WOW”!

Computers, Laptops, Printers & Cables

Laptops and monitors are not our only selection! We carry a variety of printers, Wifi connectors, Wifi Routers, Hardwired Routers & Switches. We truely give you the capability to create or upgrade your home office.

We also carry an amazing supply of computer cables and adapters for a variety of needs. Connect your iPad to your TV or projector. Links devices together and connect that backup or storage device…oh, we carry data storage devices as well!

WE HAVE Batteries


An incredible selection of batteries for all your needs. Not just the standard AA and AAA, but even hard to find batteries!

Standard household, Specialty, Camera, Cordless Phone, Cell Phone, RC, and so many more!!!

We also carry chargers and power adapters so you are never caught off guard or out of power.

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